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Some working sites, demonstrating the range and effectiveness of social media and related online communication. All great online locations to visit of course.


GlassTalks for CSR Viridian New World Glass. A blog about glass, energy efficiency, glazing product, architecture, design and building.

Picture The Future 2030 for Siemens Australia. A blog about trends and research specific to Australia in the areas of energy, water, productivity, healthcare, mobility, safety, environment and security.

Get Schmarts for PMP Limited. A conference blog for the Sydney and Melbourne Get Schmart Marketing Conference on the art of strategy, creative, social media and integration.

Gift Card Buzz a blog on Gift Cards in Australia. Covering vendors, stores, card behaviour, tips-and-tricks, industry statistics, ideas, testimonials and human interest stories.


CSR Viridian Glass posting from @ViridianNWG and @BeyondWindows
Siemens Australia posting from @Siemens_AusNZ and @Picture2030
PMP Get Schmart Conference posting from @GetSchmart
Other accounts of note include @VeridianSM @starship807 and @inst4sm


Contact for details and a ‘tour guide’.

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