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Brand Launch

Brand Launch IconGathering a network on Twitter can be a challenge!

When launching your brand on Twitter and building an online strategy to integrate the potential benefits of Twitter, gathering a suitable network, building critical mass and making network connections can take a lot of time and effort.

#BrandLaunch was created to give you a kick start.

Once you have set-up your Twitter account (or at anytime thereafter), follow the steps below and we will assist in promoting your Twitter site. Added to your own initiatives, this should assist in building a faster start.

Step 1 – Follow the account with your Twitter account.

Step 2 – Send a Twitter post promoting your account with the hashtag #BrandLaunch included.

Step 3 – We will follow your account and promote your site and assist in building followers.

Step 4* – Search on the #BrandLaunch hashtag and follow other brands and our existing followers.

*IMPORTANT – We will only follow real accounts that appear to represent corporate or individual brands and act according to commonly acceptable Twitter etiquette. Follow us, we will follow you. Unfollow us and we will unfollow you – quid pro quo. Most important of all, please follow other Twitter accounts that use the #BrandLaunch hashtag and check back from time to time. It is reciprocal following and a mutual desire to connect Twitter accounts that will allow this process to deliver compounding results over time.

Use the #BrandLaunch hashtag or Direct Message (DM) our account if you would like us to further promote your brand or any other product or information launch that you are interested in promoting. Please help the reach of this project by re-Tweeting (RT) any message that resonates for you and actively promoting and following others using this hashtag. Use #BrandLaunch generously and OFTEN!

Lets all help quality Twitter brands launch into Social Media!

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