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House Construction Diary – P7

February 23, 2011


We have hit the point in our home building exercise where it feels like we should be able to move in. Exercising extreme patience and restraint (by my standard). All the major work is done, no more contractors spending long days doing major work, now it is all ninja style. Things just appear from nowhere! Clearly someone is doing the work, but never for long enough to notice their passing. In the last ten days, lights and power points went in, floor tiles, baths, sinks, garage door, gas connection, cupboard and robe fittings, toilets and a bunch of minor touches. Although the tradies have been invisible, the result isn’t, and we are painfully close. We have been told we should be in within the next 30 days, so this is my penultimate ‘House Construction’ post. The next will be the last – Celebration!

Sixth Photo Montage

Home Build Montage Number Six

If you missed my earlier posts (don’t bother, the journey is all but over). For posterity however, here is the list: Post One – Ready and Waiting, Post Two – Earth Moving Action, Post Three – Base and Frame, Post Four – Roof and Bricks, Post Five – Internal Work Starts, and Post Six – Looks (Almost) Finished, or follow @drwarwick for my #HomeBuild posts on Twitter. Please feel free to ask any questions or tell me about your own project if you are building as well.

Progress Summary
We could just about live in the place now. As mentioned, power is in. Water too is connected (although only cold water so far) but the sewer isn’t – so we could flood the place (not a great idea). The outside is all but finished, just some final painting and staining remains, along with the down-pipe connections. Inside the fireplace and flooring remains to be finished. Over the past ten days, small items like towel rails and toilet-role holders have appeared, alongside their larger cousins, baths, cupboard shelves and the garage door. Perhaps the last multi-day mega-job was also completed, the floor tiles for the wet areas – we are very happy with our colour choice, considering we are far from home designers.

For the record, our ‘ready to move in’ plants are still alive and growing, although Amy’s Cos Lettuce is going to get eaten before the move. I have a number of interstate trips during March, so in one sense, I am happy if the ‘actually moving’ happens a bit later in the month. Guess I want to be there for the champagne.

More Updates
The next House Construction post will be the last, but I might be tempted to do some post move updates on bits and pieces I do myself, better start limbering the old back up! As stated in the last post, we continue to be very happy Henley customers. It is currently 121 days since the final drawings were signed, given that we are likely to be in before 150 days have passed, it is a pretty impressive result. So far the workmanship is also better than we expected

If you are interested, please follow the #HomeBuild posts from my @drwarwick Twitter account and let me know about your own building project and experiences.

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