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House Construction Diary – P6

February 8, 2011


Construction pace has picked up again after the Christmas break. It has only been a couple of weeks since the last ‘Home Build’ update. We are now at about 100-days since final drawings were signed off and the house is almost structurally complete. Although there is still a significant amount left to be done, it is hard to resist feeling that it is almost ready and that our moving will be happening soon. Better not get too enthusiastic as we are still (most likely) a couple of months away.

Fifth Photo Montage

Home Build Photo Montage Number Five

If you missed my earlier posts (and find this stuff interesting), you can view Post One – Ready and Waiting, Post Two – Earth Moving Action, Post Three – Base and Frame, Post Four – Roof and Bricks and Post Five – Internal Work Starts, or follow @drwarwick and my #HomeBuild posts on Twitter. Please feel free to ask any questions or tell me about your own project if you are building as well.

Progress Summary
The bricks came up a treat after they were cleaned in late January and since then the front facade render, stacked stone, eaves, and downpipes have been completed. Only the painting of the render and the cedar timber above the entry remains to finish the external work. Inside the architraves and skirting were finished and most of the painting has been done. Timber staining is underway and the bathroom tiles have arrived ready for fitting. No doubt the electrical work, flooring and other finishing items will still take some time but the house is feeling largely done (at least during daylight).

If you read the last post, our plants are still alive and growing. We would have purchased a few more however our spare funds went to buying a new car since the last post. The result of an accident in which one of our cars was written off – not great timing (I guess it never is) and everyone was fine. The car is a bonus but the effect is that some of the home related items may have to wait a little longer.

More Updates
With a bit of luck and continued pace guided by our site supervisor, we might be moving in soon. As is now my standard practice, I will post again when the next 9-shot photo montage is ready. We continue to be very happy Henley customers.

If you are interested, please follow the #HomeBuild posts from my @drwarwick Twitter account and let me know about your own building project and experiences.

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