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House Construction Diary – P5

January 24, 2011


Since the last home build post another month has passed, including the Christmas and New Year holidays. We are now three-months into our building project (some 90-days since final drawings were signed off). Despite the holiday interruption another impressive amount of progress was made. Now that most of the work has moved inside, variable weather is less of an issue. This has given us cause to reflect that during the same period, many Australians have not been as fortunate, with severe floods in Queensland and parts of NSW and Victoria damaging thousands of family homes. I hope restoration efforts progress as well and as quickly as our building project has for us. Donations to the Queensland Disaster Relief Appeal can be made on Queensland Government website.

Fourth Photo Montage

Home Build Montage Four

Our thanks go again to our site supervisor, who despite holidays, has continued to keep the action happening, as you can see from the images above. If you missed my earlier posts (and are suffering from insomnia), you can view Post One – Ready and Waiting, Post Two – Earth Moving Action, Post Three – Base and Frame and Post Four – Roof and Bricks, or follow @drwarwick and my #HomeBuild posts on Twitter. If you have been following, please feel free to ask any questions or tell me about your own project if you are building as well.

Progress Summary
The last of the brick laying occurred 23 December 2010 and the house achieved ‘lock-up’ just in time for the holiday break. Work recommenced on 11 January 2011 with internal doors, skirting, architraves and related wall finishing. This is a larger piece of work than I had imagined and took almost a week for completion. On 19 January 2011, the kitchen cabinets arrived and were put in on the following day, another impressive jump forward visually. During this period, the shower recess frames were installed, the external doors replaced by temporary ones, and with approval we moved some excess bricks and tiles to the back of the lot (handy for something I’m sure). Today (24 Jan) the rendering work on the front of the house started, so the next update should make for some ‘close to finished’ looking shots of the outside of the house. We purchased some plants and pots to start growing them (hoping for a size head-start) before we move in. Also a good test to see if we make good ‘plant parents’ … I hope we can keep them alive.

More Updates
Now at this stage, thoughts of completion dates and moving are starting to enter our thinking. With a bit of continued luck, we might be moving in within a few months. As has become a practice, I will post again when the next 9-shot photo montage is ready. If the quality of work remains at this standard, we are likely to be very happy Henley customers.

If you are interested, please follow the #HomeBuild posts from my @drwarwick Twitter account and let me know about your own building project and experiences.

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