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House Construction Diary – P4

December 20, 2010


We are almost two-months into the building of our new house (some 60-days since final drawings were signed off). We have seen a gratifying amount of work completed, all to a very professional standard. Once again, as mentioned in my last post, the variable weather has not significantly impeded progress. Our brilliant site supervisor has continued to keep development happening at a frantic pace, as you can see from the images below. Unfortunately (for us – fortunately for him) he is taking some three-weeks leave over Christmas, so no doubt we will have a bit of a break from the high pace of recent weeks.

If you missed my earlier posts, you can view Post One – Ready and Waiting, Post Two – Earth Moving Action and Post Three – Base and Frame or follow @drwarwick and my #HomeBuild posts on Twitter. If you have been following, I imagine you continue to be as amazed as us at the rapid rate of progress.

Third Photo Montage

Third Group of Home Building Images

Three Weeks from Frame to Lock-Up
Well almost lock-up. In the past 20-or-so days, our house building with Henley Properties has progressed from frame completion (see last post) to a house that is approaching external completion. In a few more working days, all brick work and other external structures are likely to be completed. In the past three weeks, we have had the roof tiled, the majority of the bricks laid, the wiring done, the plumbing within the frame completed, the wall wrap and insulation finished and the plastering completed. Oh, I almost forgot, windows, ducting as well as the heating and cooling plant finished as well. Impressive volume of work for less that 15-days of on-site activity. Of course, we have also had to make two stage payments (base and frame) in the same period, but that is expected and almost welcomed at this stage. Each payment brings us closer to completion.

More Updates
Christmas and New Year will undoubtedly slow things down. In addition, as we move to internal activity, I think the visual representation (photos) will be a little less impressive, for now I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will make my next House Construction post when I have another nine or so photos to show or a suitable amount of other progress to enjoy talking about. With a bit of continued luck, we might be moving in within a few more months. If the quality of work remains at this standard, we are likely to be very happy Henley customers.

If you are interested, please follow the #HomeBuild posts from my @drwarwick Twitter account and let me know about your own building project and experiences. Thanks for your interest, rest assured I will post on things other than the building of my new home. The post immediately before this on Multiplatform Online Strategy wasn’t too bad (author’s opinion) and more will be coming soon.

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