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House Construction Diary – P3

November 30, 2010


The last few weeks have seen dramatic changes on our block of land. There is no doubt that the slab pouring and house framing stage are the most significant, from the perspective of external change at least. In our case, all of this activity has occurred very quickly, with daily changes. The weather has been kind (more or less) and we have had a great site supervisor who has kept things flowing just about as quickly as humanly possible, as you can see from the images below.

If you missed my earlier posts, you can view Post One – Ready and Waiting and Post Two – Earth Moving Action or follow @drwarwick and my #HomeBuild posts on Twitter. If you have been following, I imagine you are as amazed by the rapid progress as we are.

Second Photo Montage

Second selection of home build images

Two Weeks of Dramatic Progress
In only 12-days, our house building with Henley Properties has progressed from earth works to a completed timber frame, ready for tiles and then brick work. Rain is forecast in Melbourne for later this week, so hopefully the roof is up beforehand. Every day, we have seen frenzied activity and the rate of change has been in stark contrast to our earlier concerns over administrative and approval delays. I am sure things will slow down soon but this stage has been exciting and finally made my daughters interested in the project. The pictures really speak for themselves. I will make my next House Construction post when I have another nine photos to show or something significant to say.

Follow the #HomeBuild posts from my @drwarwick Twitter account and let me know about your own building project and experiences. Thanks again for your interest.

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