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Travellers Choice Conference – Social Media

November 24, 2010

Social Media Presentation
On Saturday, 20 November 2010, I presented a workshop on Social Media to the Travellers Choice Conference in Melbourne. Although elements of the presentation are travel focused, the message is relevant for most businesses. The presentation examines some Australian market statistics and dynamics as well as practical considerations in choosing the right social media channels. The metrics from Nielsen and other research agencies may be of interest if you are considering the importance of a social media marketing strategy.

The slides can be downloaded in PDF format (1.6mb) from this link … TC-2010-SocialMedia

Social Media Workshop – Travellers Choice Conference 2010
article below by David Carroll, Cicada Communications, Nov 2010

With Australians now the world’s largest users of social media, travel agents need to embrace the phenomenon and make it an integral part of their marketing plans, according to Veridian Media CEO David Warwick.

He told delegates that almost 10 million Australians now actively took part in social media, on average spending seven hours per month in various social forums or networks. In addition, almost 40 per cent of Australians claimed in 2009 to have interacted with a brand via social media, twice as many as in 2007.

Not surprisingly Australian businesses have been quick to recognise that participation in social media can deliver significant benefits, including greater brand awareness and opportunities to generate leads, drive referrals and build communities.

Warwick said 90 per cent of companies were now budgeting for some form of participation in social media in 2011, compared to just 25 per cent in 2009.

Some of the examples of social media he provided included blogs, Twitter and Facebook, which now includes 5.1 million Australian users.

“Generally speaking online communication is trying to achieve one of three things: awareness, endorsement or engagement,” Warwick said. “Different channels can deliver different things – some will help people discover you; others provide a way for ongoing interaction with an audience that has already dealt with you.”

The first step, he told delegates, was to determine clear goals, then build a social media strategy that used the right combination of social media channels.

Twitter, for example, was useful if the goal was to deliver simple product messages to a wide audience, while a blog could build credibility and Facebook could deliver a deeper engagement with a smaller audience.

Whatever channels a business chose to use, he said it was important it became an active participant and contribute something of genuine value to the community it joined or built.

(presented at Travellers Choice Conference, Crown Conference Center, Melbourne – Nov 2010).

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