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House Construction Diary – P2

November 15, 2010


Back on 12 October 2010, I posted the first installment detailing our Home Building experience – Ready and Waiting. At the time I discussed the long journey, my trepidation at the road ahead and some consternation at the delays from contract signing to visible action. I had hoped to start a ‘visual diary’ of sorts, however the first #HomeBuild entry was more about the frustrating period that exists between making the commitment to build and seeing actual progress on site. Well it is five-weeks on from that post and I am happy to report that we are making progress that can be see visually!

First Montage

Montage of early house building photos in November 2010

We have had significant progress over the last few weeks, after receiving the final drawings on 26 October, we had our water main installed on-site four days later. This was followed by two days of site grading, provisioning of power, the first delivery of bricks and then trench digging and laying of the under-slab plumbing. All completed within the space of a week. Melbourne has rain forecast for most of this week so that could slow things down a little. Hopefully we will see the slab soon.

Next Update
So far so good. Completely happy with the on-site work that has been carried out by (or on behalf of) Henley Properties so far and our building supervisor seems like a great contact – very experienced. Will update those interested once I have more photos to include, hopefully it will be another positive post. Interim updates on my personal Twitter account @drwarwick using the #HomeBuild hashtag. Anyone else building right now?

Thanks for your interest – party at my place (once completed) 😉

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