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House Construction Diary – P1

October 12, 2010


We are building a new home! I am hopeful that this is going to be an exciting, rewarding and ultimately ‘settling’ experience. This moment has been a very long time coming and I have waited some considerable time to post or speak publicly on our building exercise.

Where we stand
We have selected our builder, Henley Properties Group see and we have also selected our house, the Lexington 993 Q1. This was our initial choice, then we changed our mind, changed it again, and we have now returned full circle to this floor-plan with a few modifications that I will detail along the journey. Our block of land was purchased and settled almost three-years ago. We had intended to build on it back then, however work, a sojourn in Sydney for almost 18-months, the GFC, and re-settling in Melbourne have all added their part to the passage of time. Thankfully we have completed our selections, signed our contract and finalized our building finance. We are in the hands of our builder and ready in the fullness of time to move into the house we have selected and ultimately make it our home.

The purpose of this series of posts
Once we were sure we were proceeding and that we had completed all the necessary steps, I had intended to produce a visual and short textual diary of the construction of our home for two reasons. One, a place for family and friends to find an update (until such time as they can visit in person) and two, as a record of the process that we may otherwise forget. I had been hoping that the first photos of ‘broken ground’ would have made a post by now. So I guess this post, taking a slight variation from my anticipated approach, is now adding a third purpose – one that I hope is for the mutual benefit of Henley Properties Group and future readers looking to build.

Testimonial or evidence?
I am hopeful that this series of posts, and any accompanying social media activity and forum comments, form a testimonial of our positive experiences over the coming months and a recommendation for some of you to go down the same road. I did my research however, and I know that not everyone makes it through the home building process as smoothly as they may have wished. I hope, and will play my part, to ensure that this doesn’t become evidence of a disaster that needs to be used as leverage to get a fair outcome. I am not a lawyer, I am also not a builder, and I have no appetite for conflict in this exercise. I am actually as excited about the journey as I am about the ultimate end result. My professional ‘leverage’, for what it may be worth, comes from the years spent to become a quality online marketing professional and in more recent times, a fairly effective social media and network building strategist and commentator. My significant online reach is something that I hope will provide positive and effective marketing and credible testimony for Henley Properties Group if all goes as planned (or mostly as planned).

The opening scorecard!
Today I sit on the fence, probably the right place to start, fearful and hopeful in equal measure. The home we have chosen is beautiful – well designed, functional and will suit out reasonably large, long and narrow block. Our experience with the Henley Sales Consultant, spread over some time at our doing, was both pleasant and rewarding. Banks, well we all know about Banks, a topic for another time but lets just say we are happy with the final outcome and suitably financed for our project. It has taken some time, perhaps an appropriate amount of time, to get documents, contracts and related administrative items completed. There were significant additional costs and delays but having spoken to many others who have built, we were prepared for this and the inherent differences between what is ‘displayed’ and what we would have received without upgrade. No issues here, just suggesting that if you are planning to build, you research the process and understand you will have site costs, extras and inclusions that will cost more, no matter who you build with or what they say in the sales process. Our issue so far revolves around delay and communication. In the two months since our contract was signed, we have had two changes in our designated point-of-contact, which is more than the number of updates we have received on progress. We are waiting on our final drawings, council approval (hard to know if this is the council or the builder) and the only feedback has been ‘it should be this month’ when we have asked for some news.

Next update
With some luck, the next post will relate the circumstances of activity on our building site and possibly some early photos. Perhaps it will be more consternation at delay, lack of communication and buck-passing – I certainly hope not.

Please comment with your building story(s), any experience with Henley, and feel free to pull me up if you believe that I have come to expect too much! For those interested and those with no choice (family), I hope you enjoy sharing a part of our experience over the coming months.

If you are following my posts on Twitter @drwarwick I will use #HomeBuild for this thread.

Please wish us luck! πŸ˜‰

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