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Twitter Tools and Applications Reviewed

October 27, 2009

I have a bucket-load of links to social media websites. These ‘applications’ access the wonderful open APIs (application programing interfaces) of Twitter and other social media platforms to provide new functionality. New forms of analysis, assistance or simply additional fun and wonder.

Most days, in addition to reading email and accessing business related web applications, an increasing number of people are engaging with these tools. I was cleaning out my links and deciding which tools would remain and decided to make the resulting list and review public. I am also interested in discovering what others are using. Let us all discover new tools that can deliver better information, make our life easier, and show us something else of the amazing online world. Send links and comments to this post, or via Twitter @drwarwick, and I will add them to the list.

You will find the list here – TOOL LIST

Tools are ‘Twitter’ heavy at present. I will add broader social media and web applications, so watch this space. There are already amazing sites that filter the multiple online media platforms, bringing back rich filtered information – see specifically the ‘Analyzing Social Media’ section of the list. In a business setting, you should never meet a new client without looking them up on one of these tools first. Look up your own organization(s). What you will discover in just a few minutes will amaze you.

Tell us what is useful, what you use, and what functionality is still missing?

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