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Twitter – 2,009 experiences in 2009

October 9, 2009

October 2009 marks my 2,009th Twitter post. I am taking this convenient synchronicity to examine the experience of 2,009 tweets. Cheesy? Yes! Nevertheless, this may prove cathartic for me, and I hope that it may prove somewhat entertaining, thought provoking and memory jogging for you.

I am still a relative ‘newby’ to Twitter, my first post was under a year ago on 23 March 2009. Since then I have averaged ten posts per day. Here is a highly selective and ego centric synopsis. If you are really keen, I have used to produced a PDF of the whole 2,008 previous posts – only 100 odd pages – for download at the end of this post (great for insomniacs). So if you are up for it, lets take a journey down memory lane. We begin with nine of my favorite images posted to Twitpic.

Nine images of 2009, in place of nine-thousand words …




(left to right, top to bottom)

1 – Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires the worst in Victorian history starting on the hottest day in Victorian history. Just happened to be the day I returned from Sydney after 15 months running digital agency Komosion. This was a pivotal day for me, ending almost ten years with the agency I co-founded. The image was taken about six weeks after the fires, while driving near Healesville. The sign says it all!

2 – Madison (age 11) at Buddha Day in Melbourne’s Federation Square – a peaceful contrast to much of the rest of the year. The image is of Madison in the ‘Bohdi Field’ with her ‘wish leaf’. Each leaf is someone’s short wish, hope or message – a bit like Twitter really.

3 – Storm front heading for Melbourne – rain seems to have finally returned to Victoria after a decade of drought. It seems however, that 2009 must also hold some form of record for the sheer volume of natural disasters. Twitter has commented on them all, as well as a few that never happened. In May, a test of a Japanese alert system led to masses of Twitter posts erroneously warning of an impending Tsunami. There have been a number of other real earthquakes that fortunately did not trigger corresponding walls of water, sadly some did. We have also had our fair share of earthquakes with big Richter numbers – hope they are not building to a super-size one. For all those that have been affected by, or are recovering from, natural disaster, like Madison’s Bohdi leaf, I wish happiness and good fortune for you.

4 – Sarah (age 7) resplendent in Carlton AFL regalia and face-painting – it wasn’t a bad year for the Blues, making the finals and showing promise for a real dig in 2010. At a guess I’d say almost ten-percent of my Twitter posts relate to Carlton in the Australian Football League (AFL). Starting from the top of the ladder after defeating Richmond in the first round, the Blues slowly slumped and then came back strong, including a round 18 win over eventual competition winners Geelong. Blues captain Chris Judd came second in the Brownlow Medal count and won the club’s best and fairest award. The Brownlow evening is also infamous for Carlton’s Number 25 – Brendan Fevola (the 2009 Coleman Medalist) drunken escapades. It looks like he will play for Brisbane next year. I have mixed emotions, but if you look at the number in the photo, you can see Sarah is not happy about it. Go Blues in 2010 – expect more posts!

5 – Ozmopolitans, the drink you have in Oz and while watching Wicked – the Wizard of Oz based stage show Wicked ran in Melbourne to rave reviews and great crowds – us included. We enjoyed our green beverages and use the lit plastic martini glasses from time to time. Green was the brand colour of my beloved Komodo CMS with whom I parted company in March 2009 (think I covered that already).

6 – The year of Swine Flu or H1N1. Amy (age 7) with Tamiflu medication – In our family only Amy and I caught Swine Flu. Amy recovered relatively quickly after a couple of days of serious illness. I was hit harder, and couldn’t get out of bed for four days – sickest I’ve been in my whole adult life. Amy called the Very Special Kids piggy bank ‘Swiney’ in homage – both Amy and Swiney are doing well. Unfortunately H1N1 is still on the march.

7 – Youngling’s Amy and Sarah (twins aged 7) demonstrate their mastery of the Force and confuse the hell out of the cat. Yes, I’m a big geek waiting to grow up and a fan of pretty much any science fiction movie. In 2009 also enjoyed Good News Week, United States of Tara and a load of sport – that covers another couple of hundred Twitter posts. Also enjoyed having ‘Twitter’ shots at Eurovision, the Logies and a host of other weird and wonderful television moments. Being a critic is so easy!

8 – Brother in Law Michael in Geelong colours – heading to the Geelong and Bulldogs final with his son Patrick, lets just say they weren’t talking to each other afterward.

9 – My wonderful daughters Amy, Sarah and Madison – it’s been a challenging year for them, moving states and moving schools. They have been fantastic and if you read Amy’s advice in my post on the Victorian Bushfires, you’ll see that they are much smarter than their ‘old man’. Most of my photographic posts revolve around the escapades of the fantastic three!

The Twitter Network Itself – My Comments and Insights

I started using Twitter to prepare some digital consulting and ultimately got hooked. In the process of 2,009 posts, here are some lessons and some tools I have picked up:

Check sources – the more news worthy your post is, the more you should check the source of your information. A case in point was Richard Wilkins announcing the erroneous death of Jeff Goldblum in a celebrity rumor flood that followed the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the same day. Richard was not the only one, he just said it on national TV. There are a bunch of celebrity ‘Twitterati’ who did the same thing but have since deleted their misguided posts. Heritage media (a derogatory term I discovered on Twitter and have perversely taken a shine to) is still tripped up occasionally by the immediacy of Twitter.

Stability – Twitter has grown very quickly and gets a bit wonky from time to time. Sometimes the little birdy forgets things, sometimes it falls off the perch completely. This really annoyed me at first, but now I am getting used to perpetual beta and growing pains. Seems it has been contagious with Facebook and even Google suffering major outages during 2009. Twitter posts such as #twitterfail #facebookfail and #googlefail are quick to tell everyone when the Internet is having a moment. I’m taking a moment to thank all involved for keeping these largely free public platforms ticking over as well as they do – most of the time.

Red Wine, Coffee and Chocolate – account for another significant number of my posts. I think talking about them makes me love them more. So my insight is that Twitter is not good for your vices, in finding like minded people and talking about your own passions, they are less satiated and more front of mind. Hang on a minute just going for a Shiraz, Espresso and Truffle (Haighs or Koko Black preferably).

Some Twitter Domains – here are a few practical places for Twitter edification … – fast way to see who is or isn’t following you. – the wash of all the world’s Twitter posts (good in a crisis or research). – the same as Twitter Fall but for images (watch the bandwidth). – great for preparing your #FollowFriday list. – give yourself (or someone else a score).
There are plenty more, but half the fun is going hunting. Also make sure you get some good Twitter application(s). TweetDeck is great on a Mac and so far on iPhone I prefer the paid version of Echofon (also play with Tweetie, TweetReel, SimplyTweet, Twitterific and Twitterena from time to time).

Final Comments

There’s lots more I could say but I want to send my 2,010th tweet, so stay tuned to @drwarwick. In quick review, congratulations to Federrer for passing Sampras record of grand slams, Webber for winning his first Grand Prix, Australia for loosing the Ashes (again – not happy). I have greatly enjoyed reading Purple Cow, Meatball Sundae and Tribes by Seth Godin and ConnectGen by my friend Iggy Pintado – follow @iggypintado. My condolences to the families, friends and fans of Richard Pratt, Charles (Bud) Tingwell, David Eddings, David Carradine, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett and the many other people who unfortunately passed away during this period.

Finally, thank you to everyone I have met online through Twitter and those I have been fortunate enough to meet through ‘real world’ get togethers. They include #tweetupmellers and #socialmelb in Melbourne and #coffeemornings in Sydney. Do yourself a big favor and get along to your local ‘tweetup’ equivalent.

If you are interested you can read more about my ‘Twitter’ experiences in an IDM Article I wrote this year, which you can find here. If you are really deranged, here are the whole 2008 preceding posts. TweetBook-PDF

See you online and thanks to everyone who has re-tweeted – RT – or shared a Twitter conversation! To many, many more …

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  1. October 11, 2009 2:28 AM


    Thanks so much for the mention. I’m honoured to have made your 2009 list. More power to you and hope we can stay in touch or at the very least, connected!

    Cheers, Iggy

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