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David Warwick – New Roles

September 27, 2009

After more than nine years, I have concluded my involvement with digital agency Komosion and the Komodo CMS product that along with others I was instrumental in creating (and still love like a child). Nine years is a long time and it was a most pleasant and enlightening journey. Now it is time for a new journey!

News spreads quickly and I have penned this short piece to answer the question “what next?” for friends, colleagues and contacts that are interested.

A carefully considered cornucopia

The short answer is that I am not taking a single direction, instead I am fortunate enough to have found some conjoined activities that lend themselves to interconnected effort. The common thread is bringing brilliant web based solutions to Melbourne and assisting quality clients in their digital innovation. In more detail, the roles are …

Viocorp –

Viocorp is Australia’s leading online video streaming business. Its Viostream product is a world class video content management system. The tagline “get it out there” demonstrates Viocorp’s drive to assist organizations in producing and distributing video assets over the web. I will be working with Nick Bolton @nickybee99 and the rest of the Viocorp team to launch and build their Melbourne operation.

CompliSpace –

Another Australian success story, CompliSpace provides corporate governance programs and services. CompliSpace delivers a web platform for sustainable business growth in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. The tagline “Bringing Good Governance To Life” highlights the practicality and ease of delivery of their Intranet based solutions. As with Viocorp, I will be working with the CompliSpace team to launch and support their Melbourne operation.

Veridian Media –

Rounding out the trinity is my business, this business, Veridian Media. Working with some brilliant colleagues I have met along the journey, Veridian Media delivers digital strategy for marketing, social media and application scoping activities. These services will support my efforts in promoting, growing and supporting Viocorp and CompliSpace as well as provide a vehicle for industry comment and consultancy. Lets face it, who else would take responsibility for this blog and broader unfettered industry and general comment.

Loose Ends

That pretty much covers my immediate future, although I will still have some involvement with Smart Works, CM Pros in Australia and some other project initiatives just to fill in the empty spaces  Thank you to everyone who has been in contact and shown support. To many of you, I will be in contact soon to discuss Viocorp (web video) and CompliSpace (intranet procedures) and how one or both of these can help you grow and improve your business.

You can contact me going forward at:

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